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Meet the Locals

Maungaraupi is home to cattle, hens, four alpacas and two Kune Kune pigs. Two oft-visiting dogs make up the full contingent of who you can expect to meet. Feel free to wander down to the woolshed to explore, grab some hay for the cattle or have a go at making friends with our alpaca crew.

The Alpacas

Mildred is the boss. Large, fluffy and white, she is very adventurous. 
Minky is our gorgeous black boy with white tuft, and he’s Mildred’s son.
Melba is the two-tone brown and cream beauty who loves photos.
Malcolm is more reserved, with a different variety of finer white fleece. He’s the lookout, the guard.

The Pigs

Our two sisters, Molly (ginger and black) and Milly (black and white). Ginger girl Molly is the dominant one, but Milly has better hearing and tends to show up for food quicker. Occasionally the ladies nip each other in a sibling spat, so little hands are best kept clear.

The Dogs

Lily the Foxy hails from Marton and is young, energetic and adventurous. She can be found racing around after Andra and Paul.
Coco the Chocolate Lab is our senior lady, enjoying her quiet retirement in the sun. Coco and Lily are VIP Visitors to the farm.